Falcoe Software has been selected by Tesco to provide an EDI solution to their suppliers.

The EDI software complies with all Tesco supplier requirements including Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN's) and is the scalable solution for the future.

EDI setup is easy and has been self installed by one of our clients in Hong Kong. A representative will contact you and they remain the single point of contact throughout the implementation.

Falcoe provides a complete EDI service for Tesco suppliers with the allocation of a secure IBM /Tradanet mailbox.

Low-Cost EDI

We supply low-volume mailboxes to suppliers who receive below 250 EDI Orders per month.
Specifically designed to reduce supplier costs.

Tesco is the biggest private sector employer in the UK with over 250,000 employees and has 1,779 stores. The first superstore opened in the 1970s.

For more information about Falcoe's EDI solution for Tesco, please contact our Manchester Office on 01942 217801

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