EDI mapping
Falcoe EDI services are in high demand; we provide the latest EDI /XML technology at competitive prices, all packaged with an excellent support service.

TradeX Lite - Low Cost Standalone EDI Solution.
The standard EDI package includes everything you need to trade electronically at a fraction of the cost of many legacy systems. The software works independently of back-office accounting systems with minimum amount of investment to maintain customer satisfaction.

Suppliers can receive Orders and return Invoices with all major UK Retailers.

This solution is ideal if you would like to reduce existing EDI costs or require a low-cost entry level package.

When requirements change an easy upgrade path is available to the professional version providing a direct link to a range of back-office accounting software such as Sage, Navision or bespoke systems.

TradeX Pro. - Integrated Solution

The professional solution will integrate to any business accounting system you employ and work with any file format - CSV, XML, database, EDI or flat file.

Pre-built adaptors link to popular back-office systems, Sage, NAV, SAP, and ERP 6.0, all are tried and tested throughout the UK.

Software can be installed remotely or by an EDI technician visiting On-Site.

Automated processes

Both solutions can be automated (run by a scheduler), requiring no intervention from the administrator when downloading or processing files.

All Falcoe EDI products incorporate the latest XML technology to provide a reliable, scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Please contact our Manchester office on +44 (0)1942-217801 for more information or email admin@falcoe.com

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