Falcoe have built excellent relationships with the major retailers. If you require a new partner setting up, we can supply you with your own GLN /ANA number and new mailbox details within 1 hour.

Low Volume Mailbox Available - we supply 'low - volume' mailboxes to suppliers who receive below 250 Orders a month. This often reduces ongoing EDI message costs significantly.

Trading Grid Messaging Service (TGMS) - we supply customers with a mailbox on the latest B2B network. The same messaging network used by many of the major retailers Tesco, Sainsbury's.

The TGMS system provides an Order Tracking service and leads to fast message transfers. TGMS is the worlds leading messaging service, for more information enter 'gxs trading grid' into any search engine.


  • Software and mailbox setup within hours.
  • Easily add new customers as your requirements change.
  • Full Support Service shipped with every product.
  • Strengthen your business relationships by joining Trading Grid Messaging Service (TGMS),
    administered in-house from our Manchester office.

Migration - The Falcoe support team will quickly migrate or update an existing EDI system without disruption, following tried & tested methods when replacing or migrating EDI software.



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