AsdaOver 3,000 companies use the AS2 /AS3 application we install for ASDA, making it the de facto choice among Asda /Wal*Mart suppliers.

Some of the key personnel at Falcoe were involved in the initial roll-out of traditional EDI to the ASDA supplier base from 2001 – 2003, successfully completing many of the installations.

Asda became part of the Wal*Mart family in June 1999, and as a consequence experienced a dramatic growth in sales. Originally formed by a group of farmers from Yorkshire, Asda now have 265 stores and 19 depots across the UK. They employ around 122,000 people.

Falcoe provides a complete EDI service for Asda suppliers. On receipt of the order a representative is assigned and remains the single point of contact throughout the implementation.

The AS2 solution complies with all the EDI requirements from Asda, Sales Order /Invoice, Debit Notes, Advanced Shipping Notes, Remittance Advice.

For more information about Falcoe’s EDI solution for Asda, please contact our Manchester Office on 01942 217801,
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